Get to know Brian - GameFace Sports Camps
March 3, 2015

A Q&A with our Founder

1. Growing up in Baltimore, what most inspired you—on or off the field?

I would honestly say my dad inspired me most, both on and off the field. He was always there for me as a dad and a coach.  He was just as athletic as I was, but did not have the same opportunities to pursue professional sports as I did because of financial and other reasons—but he always made sure I had every opportunity.



2. Who was it that most encouraged you to play sports as a kid?

My parents encouraged me to play sports. They were both athletes growing up and instilled this in their children—you can’t be a Jordan and not play sports!



3. What gave you the confidence to try out for baseball in high school?

I started playing baseball at 8 years old, so by the time high school came around there was no lack of confidence. Starting young allowed me to build the confidence and the desire to excel at higher and higher levels.



4. While in school, how did you find a balance between sports and academics?

My mother was a stickler for education. She taught at the high school I attended, so I had to have balance.  She knew all my teachers and coaches and they all kept me on track.



5. What lesson would you most like to share with young people interested in sports?

Try different sports, figure out what you like, and then go have fun with it. If you find you excel, then stay focused and determined and you will continue to excel. But never forget your academic side. You can get hurt and sports will one day end, but your academics will stay with you for life.  Be a lifelong learner.