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Play Like an All-Star
With an All-Star

GameFace Camps are designed to be fully immersive, where players have the opportunity to learn and put to practice everything there is to know about baseball. Hitting, fielding, throwing and baserunning are all covered, but Brian and his team don’t stop there—they also take the time to show young athletes the power of striving for excellence, on the field, in the classroom, and in life, as well as the importance of smart training and healthy living.

What we Teach

Skills, Drills & Techniques


Using the latest technology from CamWood Bats and SwingAway, players will learn the proper hand path and contact points for hitting. Players will also be instructed through tee drills and front toss work while hitting in cages and learning the proper form when bunting. Finally, to simulate the Big League experience, players will go through live batting practice on the field before games.

Throwing & Fielding

All players will learn professional warm-up throwing drills to improve arm strength and prevent injury, followed by proper techniques for catching fly and ground balls, and for creating the right angles to cut them off. Additionally, players will learn fly ball communication and how to field ground balls—forehand, backhand and straight on—as well as practice defense against bunts.

Speed & Agility

Our instructors will work with players to strengthen all aspects of their baserunning skills, including how to read a pitcher’s pick-off move and signs from coaches while running. Athletes will also improve their speed and agility with quickness and coordination drills, and have the ability to test their speed against other campers in the timed 60-yard dash.